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Our Team – Tanner


Tanner Bartlow

Investment Advisor

Tanner Bartlow is a financial professional who brings over four years of expertise in the field with a solid background at both Equitable and JP Morgan Chase. Tanner has honed his skills and knowledge in the financial services industry to his role at Forthright, where he joined the team in 2023. His journey into financial services is deeply rooted in his commitment to providing individuals with greater clarity and financial security. 

Tanner passionately believes that proactive financial guidance can make a profound difference in people’s lives. This commitment is driven in part by his own family’s experiences, as his grandparents, aged 85 and 74, are still working. Tanner reflects, “If someone like me came along 20 or 30 years ago and gave them proper financial guidance, they would have been able to retire.”

Beyond his professional pursuits, Tanner is a well-rounded individual with a range of interests. He finds joy in playing golf, a passion that allows him to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. Additionally, he is an adept chef, taking pleasure in preparing delicious meals and also values quality time with friends and family. In his leisure, you can often find him engrossed in a game of chess or enthusiastically supporting Michigan State sports.

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