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Our Team – Rachel


Rachel Chung

Investment Advisor

Rachel is a lifetime learner that loves to share her knowledge. She strives always to be the type of advisor who educates her clients, instead of only advising without reasoning. This drive stems from Rachel’s personal experience with Financial Planning, where her own family was not properly educated on what their options were. Rachel aims to ensure her clients are armed with the right tools and knowledge to make well-informed decisions.

Before being in Financial Services, Rachel worked as a Quality Control Chemist. Due to her love of training others and her management skills, she quickly made her way up to become a department supervisor by the end of her seven years with the company. Before she had her second child, she realized she needed more family time and a better work-life balance. Rachel took a leap of faith that brought her into the Financial Planning world.

She changed careers and became a Planning Advisor for a funeral home for the next five years. She found a real purpose in her life and loved being able to teach others about a topic most people do not like to discuss. Rachel is a quick learner and just after six months received a Rising Star award and continued to rank as one of the top advisers at the company. All of Rachel’s clients felt her compassion and knew she had their best interests at heart.

Now living in North Dallas, Texas, Rachel has transitioned into retirement planning with Forthright Capital Partners. Her mix of attention to detail, compassion for others, and love for learning and teaching have allowed her to excel in the Financial Planning world. Rachel always focuses on education, quality, and customer service. If challenged with a question she cannot answer, she will go above and beyond to research it.

Her clients appreciate her depth of knowledge and patience with them as they learn new concepts that no one else took the time to teach them.

Rachel graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry from the California State University of Long Beach. She is currently undergoing her coursework to become a Fiduciary Investment Adviser. Rachel aims to further her credentials by becoming a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) within the next two years and has already completed coursework in retirement planning, annuity suitability and best practices, and producer best ethics.

Rachel loves having new experiences with her husband and two kids and sometimes with their dog. When Rachel has time to herself, she enjoys baking and the challenge of puzzles of any kind she can get her hands on. Being a Disney fan, she also loves Experiment 626 a.k.a. Stitch.

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