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Our Team – Justin


Justin Westerman

Investment Advisor

Justin Westerman is an investment advisor based near Tallahassee, FL, who’s passionate about helping people secure their financial futures. Despite studying Political Science at Stetson University, his real interest was always personal finance, a value instilled by his grandfather’s emphasis on saving and providing for family. This interest grew as he found himself giving stock market advice to friends and classmates, eventually leading him to switch careers from retail management to finance. In 2017, he joined Edward Jones, specializing in pension system management to help clients make the most of their retirement funds.

Beyond work, Justin is heavily involved in his son’s baseball team, spending his time coaching and supporting the players.  Family is central to Justin’s life, and he treasures moments with Connor, whether they’re attending baseball games or enjoying outdoor adventures together. He’s also an avid outdoorsman, often seen kayaking the lakes and rivers of North Florida and South Georgia.

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