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Our Team – Jonah Powell


Jonah Powell

Financial Professional

Jonah Powell began his career in the freight industry, where he spent two years managing supply chains for various companies. He found fulfillment in supporting independent truckers and ensuring they had consistent work. However, after his father’s passing in 2022, Jonah felt compelled to switch gears. He moved into the insurance and financial sector, driven by a desire to help families during tough times. This led him to Forthright, where he’s found his stride and continues to thrive.

When Jonah was just nineteen, he and his high school sweetheart, now his wife, made a bold move from Washington to South Carolina. They bought a house and welcomed pets into their family. Jonah’s also a huge fan of superheroes and has a collection of original comics, some even signed by the creators. In his free time, he loves discovering new restaurants and exploring different areas with his wife, always eager to try new experiences together.

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