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Our Team – Jeremy


Jeremy Gonzalez

Investment Advisor

Jeremy Gonzalez is a skilled professional in the field of retirement planning and asset management, boasting a career spanning over 24 years. Following his graduation from the University of San Diego, Jeremy embarked on his professional journey in investment banking, honing his skills and expertise in the financial sector. Throughout the years, he has worked diligently within prominent retail brokerage firms, dedicating his efforts to assist families in saving for retirement, mitigating risk, and generating wealth.

Recognized for his exceptional acumen and dedication, Jeremy took on an important role as an investment advisor at Forthright. As a valued member of the team, he brings his wealth of knowledge and experience to provide clients with insightful investment strategies and comprehensive financial guidance. Jeremy’s commitment to helping individuals achieve their retirement goals and effectively manage their assets has earned him a strong reputation within the industry.

When Jeremy is not immersed in his professional endeavors, he enjoys pursuing his passions outside of work. Golf is one of his favorite pastimes, allowing him to unwind and stay active. 

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