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Our Team – Jason


Jason Bleick

Investment Advisor

Jason Bleick is a seasoned professional in the realm of finance, armed with a multitude of certifications and expertise. As a certified financial fiduciary, investment advisor representative, wealth strategist, and real estate investor, Jason has dedicated his career to assisting individuals, families, and business owners in navigating the complex world of wealth management. His journey began a decade ago when he experienced a significant wealth shock, which served as a transformative catalyst for his financial pursuits.

Currently, Jason has joined the esteemed team at Forthright as an Investment Advisor. With his robust background and extensive knowledge, he is poised to make a significant impact in his role. Motivated by his own personal experiences, Jason delved into extensive research and conducted numerous experiments with various financial products and strategies. 

By leveraging his unique insights and wealth strategies, he aims to equip his clients with the tools they need to flourish financially, while simultaneously reducing the anxiety and uncertainty often associated with traditional financial planning.

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