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Our Team – Jacob


Jacob Smith

Financial Professional

Jacob Smith brings a unique blend of financial experience and spiritual dedication to his career, having entered the finance world in 2022 while also serving actively in local churches for over a decade. His role as both a pastor and associate pastor has instilled in him values of compassion, empathy, and integrity that deeply influence his professional approach.

Jacob made the transition to Forthright in 2024 where he applies his financial acumen alongside his philosophical principles, ensuring that clients receive not only sound guidance, but also genuine understanding and support. Jacob’s holistic approach resonates strongly with clients seeking help that aligns with their values and aspirations.

Jacob prioritizes his family and faith, cherishing his 17-year marriage to Celeste and his role as a father to two children. In his leisure time, he enjoys exploring diverse cuisines, immersing himself in cultural experiences, and indulging in outdoor activities like hunting and the art of smoking meat.

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