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Our Team – Costa


Costa Yenidounia

Investment Advisor

Costa has spent over a decade honing his expertise in the financial services industry. He began his career as a stock broker with National Securities, where he specialized in identifying investment opportunities for high net worth individuals. As his career progressed, he shifted his focus to working with companies, helping them raise equity to become publicly listed.

Throughout his career, Costa has developed a passion for working with families and small business owners. He has acquired expertise in various areas, including financial planning, investment management, and fiduciary advisory services. In 2022, Costa joined the Forthright Capital Partners team. With his extensive experience, dedication, and expertise in the financial industry, Costa is a highly respected and sought-after financial advisor.

Costa is an enthusiastic gamer and enjoys spending his free time playing video and board games with his friends. He finds the mental stimulation and strategic thinking required in these games to be a great way to unwind and have fun

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