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Our Team – Camille


Camille Liljequist

Investment Advisor

Camille Liljequist grew up in San Francisco, California where she began her career in hospitality management. Finding ways to serve and meet the needs of her guests was something she excelled at.

After having her second child she realized that, though passionate about helping people, the hospitality industry could not provide her with the needed work-life balance.

Camille entered the financial world as a licensed insurance agent and transitioned into the role of retirement planning. She has found that the approach she takes to business, of putting people first, remains at the core of what drives her to excel.

She continues to broaden her expertise by staying on the forefront of product knowledge for numerous financial institutions. Her sharpness and attention to detail has served her clients well, as she continues to help people navigate through climates of financial uncertainty.

As a representative of Forthright Capital Partners, Camille is dedicated to the role of trusted advisor. Staff members love her energy and professionalism. She embraces the value of empowering her clients through education and is committed to serving their needs.

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