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Our Team – Benjamin


Benjamin Kaplan

Investment Advisor

Benjamin Kaplan is a financial advisor with a solid background in finance and accounting. He has over two years of experience in the field, offering his clients a unique perspective. Benjamin has provided accounting services to companies in real estate and software startups, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape. He earned his CPA certification in 2009 after studying Accounting and Finance at the University of Colorado at Boulder, equipping him with the expertise needed to guide individuals and families toward financial literacy, growth, and security.

As an investment advisor at Forthright Capital Partners, Benjamin provides strategic insights and personalized advice to clients, helping them navigate the complexities of finance. With a strong foundation, a commitment to continuous learning, and a genuine passion for assisting others, Benjamin excels in his role as a trusted advisor.

Beyond work, Benjamin enjoys spending time outdoors with his young daughters, exploring nature through hikes, and creating memorable experiences with his family. He also nurtures his love for learning through reading and traveling, always seeking new knowledge and experiences.

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